Why PrestaShop Is One Of The Best ECommerce Platform

PrestaShop is a powerful tool that provides an extremely rich -feature open-source e-commerce solution that you can use to run stores in the cloud or via self-hosting. It’s currently used by 250,000 shops worldwide and is available in 65 different languages. Although it takes a bit of work to get a store launched. PrestaShop helps to launch the store with less work.

PrestaShop businesses help to sell services for commercial partners to its customer base, including optional add-on features and themes. This allows offering a sophisticated e-commerce option for anyone interested in selling online. PrestaShop is sophisticated for selling the product of the shop. It takes a bit of time to upload product and also help to increase your business.

Although PrestaShop is relatively a new player in the shopping cart software industry, it has garnered widespread attention due to its functionality, speed, lightweight, and ease of use. Right Now, PrestaShop very popular for E-commerce websites. It can easily add the product for your business and add some new features to your website. The shopping cart software can be personalized through the use of different modules including those for new products, translation, notifications for new orders, and for gift coupons and discounts.

Multiple Gateway Options

PrestaShop integrates with a variety of payment providers, major shipping carriers and tax rules. The E-Commerce platform of PrestaShop enables multiple gateway options for the online store. This is possible because PrestaShop has a feature called the multiple payment integration using which you can integrate as many payment gateways as you think will be apt for the success of your online store. Such multiple gateway options on PrestaShop helps remove all sorts of hurdles, obstacles or delays as far as receiving payment from a customer. Moreover, these multiple payment gateway integrations on PrestaShop is very easy and flexible and requires a small amount of technical knowledge.


PrestaShop provides 65 language translations for your store including flexible currency and shipping rules based on location. Its cloud administrative dashboard is available in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, and Dutch. Prestashop can translate your website in any language in the world. With the PrestaShop, you can do work internationally.

Attract visitors

Share your content on social networks and your blog and attract more visitors. PrestaShop makes the attraction with the visitors. In the PrestaShop, there is no boundation of language. Easily present your store in several different languages and currencies – your business has no borders. Prestashop provides many features to attract visitor which mean it helps the business to increase the visitor.

Mobile Friendly

PrestaShop is highly mobile-friendly and this helps you to stay close. And also in contact with your customers no matter where they belong to. This will help your online sales and business as the customers will be able to browse and purchase the products on your store anytime and from anywhere. Moreover, the User Interface, as well as the Admin, can be run and managed through mobile.

This mobile-friendliness of PrestaShop ensures that your customers have the finest mobile checkout experience every time they shop on your store. Now, everyone uses a mobile. Every visitor uses mobile for purchasing and selling. So PrestaShop provides the feature of mobile-friendly. It makes the website user-friendly which means it helps to increase the visitor on your business website.

Highly Flexible

PrestaShop as an E-Commerce platform is perhaps the most flexible software. And this high flexibility of PrestaShop is the major reason behind the fact in just a couple of years after its launch, it has gained about 5 million downloads, 700,000 community members, used in 150 plus countries and yeah – currently powering 200,000 online retail stores the world over. Moreover, PrestaShop is also available in 65 languages at present which means that if you want to do your business online with the help of an online retail store. and all you need to do is to select your preferred language and thus your store is ready to sell.

Moreover, with PrestaShop, you can also avail IP based E-Commerce which will automatically show the store details in the language of the country the store gets opened in, and this is sure to score high on the SEO barometer of your store!!

Easy To Add New Features

Apart from the large-scale built-in features that PrestaShop has, such as product management, shipping management, supply management, and customer management, this E-Commerce platform also allows the addition of multiple new functionality features and that too very easily. Using such modules or extensions, you can customize and personalize the look, feel and functionality of your store according to your business needs and requirements. Prestashop help to easily add a new feature in your website according to vendor requirement Prestashop maintain the look and feel of your product.

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