Why Choose OpenCart as E-Commerce Solution

OpenCart is an open source ecommerce platform for online merchants. OpenCart provides a professional and reliable foundation from which to build a successful online store.Users have full control over template management, meaning they choose the template they want and integrate it into the e-commerce website. E-commerce sites can develop a shopping cart that has as many as 20 payment gateways.
OpenCart allows the stores to choose the best payment gateways to incorporate.OpenCart offers multiple currency support that means users can operate OpenCart in most countries in the world. The OpenCart platform offers a number of extensions, such as the ability to calculate shipping weight and allow customers to easily view products in their shopping cart.
The system provides valuable restoration and backup tools. Users can create specified customer groups to better manage customers. Fortunately, OpenCart has a large and diverse community of developers who are consistently adding to an already enormous pool of 13,000 extensions.

Services provided by OpenCart

Powerful Store Management

Benefit from our built-in SEO. Easy manage products, customers, orders, taxes rules, coupon codes and more. OpenCart provides the powerful store management tool that easily manages the storage of the product. Adding new products isn’t difficult either. Even though there are lots of fields and a number of attribute tabs, they somehow don’t look intimidating in any way.

Fully Responsive Design

Responsive OpenCart template will adjust to any screen resolution of the device it is being displayed at. OpenCart provider fully responsive site that easily opens in mobile layout. If you are squeezed on budget and/or time to get a custom design created for your online store, you can easily leverage ready-to-use themes and templates for Opencart. These might be 100% what you want but yes they do cover a lot of your requirement.

Fast and Easy Development

Opencart code is really well structured and thought out; it uses a nice implementation of the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern which made things really easy to work on. A person well versed in technology like PHP and MySQL can easily develop extensions or customize OpenCart as per your business need.

SEO Friendly Platform

In Opencart you can create SEO friendly URLs, generate Sitemap, key in the meta description, etc. By default OpenCart also provides Google analytics extension inside the admin panel. OpenCart has got a good amount of tools for On-page SEO.
Opencart like the other competitive it has some drawback but still, it is being chosen by a lot of people simply because the competitors are oversaturated with unnecessary options which a for small and medium stores is almost unnecessary.

Easy to Use Multi-Store

The multi-store management feature of Opencart allows you to work with several stores from one admin area. Multi-store option is a born and it makes managing several online stores very easy even if the stores are using a different design, products, modules, customers and languages. OpenCart easily manages the multiple store option.


You can translate OpenCart to any language in the world—it doesn’t matter if it’s right-to-left (RTL) or left-to-right (LTR), hieroglyph, or even Galactic Basic Language from Star Wars. OpenCart is a language-neutral CMS thanks to UTF-8.Opencart provides multi language site. Opencart allow to translate in any language.

Extras such as coupons, vouchers, promotions, and others

With such a wide range of functionalities, we can easily become not only professionals in our niche but also ones with a professional and qualitative online store.
Coupons – we can easily create a code with which we give a certain discount on our prices. We can make it valid just for a certain amount of time and give it a minimum value at which to activate. And these are just some of the settings that are available.
Vouchers – many consumers hesitate when they shop especially when it comes to buying gifts. Do you like it (and is the person you are buying for going to like it), can you find something better, is it appropriate? To save all these hassles to our customers, we can just give them the opportunity to buy vouchers of a certain value. That way they will not worry whether their gift will be liked. Additionally, in this way, we can win not one but two new customers.
Reward Points – every client who purchases our product receives a number of points based on its value. After he has collected a certain number of points he can buy a new one free. This functionality seems to follow a quite obvious sequence but needs a fairly complex logistics. OpenCart is one of the platforms that maximum facilitates all its planning and execution.
Promotions – we can run a promotion for some of our products and we can do it oh, so easily. We just have to choose any extra settings that follow – what will be the products, for which customer group will it be and the length it will be active.
We easily can optimize the process associated with Christmas promotions, for example. They can be prepared at any time of year that is convenient for us, and when the time comes, to launch them only with a touch of a button.

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