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The most fully featured hotel and spa booking portal – for hotels,spa, villas, resorts and other accommodation providers, with Multi-language, multi-currency facility in use all over the world, we provides the hotel booking software which can be added to your own web site and is suitable for any size of hotel,spa villa or resort accommodation looking to add a full-featured online booking system.

Now booking the hotel and managing invoice and vouchers for your customers are made easy highly safe and tension free. After a long analysis on the hotel booking portal, we at Trawex created a 100% web-based Hotel Booking and Invoicing Software for all booking agencies or for the people who want to start their own online hotel booking portal.

Hotel Booking Portal for the Website is provided the affordable prices. This technical solution is able to provide online reservations to the users so that by making it possible for them to not to go to the agents physically for the process of reservation. We are a software company which has all the resources to create a well designed and well-developed hotel booking engine. This solution is capable to provide online bookings for the hotel room for those tourists who travel to different destinations and need a place for their stay. We provide an API integrated solution which is the way to provide error-free bookings for a hotel room for tourists. Booking makers can get the big fleet which includes all those hotel names where rooms are available for reservation.


  • The main intention of your website is to tell your prospective customers about your rooms, services, and show the testimonials of your happy customers.
  • So now we will update our site with all the information we want to show on our site. Similarly, you can create different pages to describe different services and their pricing plans.
  • You can even use the slider of the hotel and spa theme to showcase the room and directly link to the page showing the details and features of that room.
  • Once you decide upon all the information you want to show, you can draw out the titles you want for the menu. The important links will go to the menu. The sub important links can be attached to submenu titles.


You can allow booking on your hotel website. If you wish to do so, we have several themes that provide an online booking feature on the site.

These online booking systems typically include the following services.

  • Allow the visitors to choose the room and check for its availability
  • Allow them to pay online and send them a confirmation message against their booking
  • Disallow booking when the block they’re already booked
  • Create custom blocks and set customized rates for specific dates
  • Allow cancellation of the booked blocks

These are the basic services that you get with an online hotel booking theme. However, you can choose not to include these services in your website.

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